Karenina - Miss Indonesia

Finally Karenina Sunny Halim successfully won the crown of Miss Indonesia, which was held on Saturday , at the JCC Hall yesterday. Therefore Achiles eager to find out the profile, biography and identity Karenina Sunny Halim, who reportedly also is the younger brother of Steve Immanuel Sinetron player. From some sources we know that there can be little information on the profile pretty girl who was born on June 13, 1986. From the birth data that exist, we can confirm that the star has Karenina and her zodiac Gemini Tiger. Because it is no wonder if this beautiful virgin had seabrek activity and calm in answering every question asked of the jury at the Final of Miss Indonesia 2009 at the time.

 Miss Indonesia

Nina is a familiar call Karenina Sunny Halim who was born of a mother who came from Montana, USA which makes it very fluent in English, because he is more use in their everyday language of the land of Prince William was compared with the Indonesian language. Limitations in the Indonesian language Karenina does not make the jury Miss Indonesia wrong to impose his choice Karenina for her ability in a very satisfactory answer any audience who were present at that time and the whole Indonesian people who enjoy through television screens. Thanks to his ability that Karenina got rid of the participants of the 33 Provinces of Indonesia took part in the Miss Indonesia contest.

In their daily life, Karenina including a tomboyish girl and boy enjoys sports like football and wrestling. Therefore, as an older brother Steve Immanuel Karenina never thought that her sister could look so perfect in the final of Miss Indonesia ago. The girl who is currently serving home-schooled Christian Vocational Academy is also the teacher of a junior high school in Jakarta. Karenina has also pocketed a reasonable six Diploma makes it a lot to know about things happening in Indonesia and the world. Insights Karenina is very good, at least that is what is recognized by the jury present at the performances of Miss Indonesia contest. Being selected as Miss Indonesia 2009 Karenina then he is entitled to represent Indonesia in Miss World election to be held in South Africa in September later.

Ok, that was a little profile, biography and identity Achiles Karenina successfully stole from some source. Divination Achiles hell, after the Miss Indonesia, Karenina will still exist in the entertainment world because of looks and ability of this beautiful girl is very good. Oh yes, according to forecasts Trimo Mbah, a suitable love match for Gemini,is a Star Sagittarius. So for those of you who have had a chance tuh zodiac mate Karenina so that he has not had a girlfriend.
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Dhini Aminarti - Gossip

After marrying Dimas Seto, artist Dhini Aminarti spend much time at home. The 27-year-old woman was happy to paint the walls, arrange the furniture position, and of course cooking. For Dhini, make the best meal for the husband have the satisfaction of its own. "I love to cook," he said.

Dhini Aminarti

For matters of taste, Dhini and Dimas was not much different. Dhini claim to be happy with seafood. "I'm as Dimas like shrimp, sometimes fried flour or butter sauce," said Dhini on Hot Shot SCTV, on Sunday (20 / 6).

Although more often at home, do not forget Dhini routine that he did long ago, namely exercise. That is why Dhini have fitness equipment in one corner of the room. "I stay slim thanks to the sport you know," explained Dhini proud. Dimasnya take sport too, hehe ..
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Beautiful Artist - Virnie ismail

Virnie Syafitri Ismail is one of the beautiful artist from Indonesia who was born in Bandung, West Java, on August 24, 1979. Ismail Virnie figure known for his sassy, sexy and teasing on Extravaganza comedy show aired by television stations Trans.

Career Virnie ismail

Virnie ismail began his career in Indonesia through a soap opera-Lobby Lobby in 1996 ago. After that, the 1996 finalists Parahyangan fathers play in several soap operas, among others, Babe, Reflecting the Moon, Fog Purple Silk, Si Toloy and Jake Gledek. But his name became famous when vernie joined Extravaganza comedy show in 2004.

In the Year 2002, Virnie ismail try starring in a movie with a star in the movie "Rembulan Di Ujung Dahan" assist senior actress, Ira Wibowo, film director Garin Nugroho. Four years later, together Virnie Anjasmara, Maya Hasan, and Djenar Maesa Ayu starred in film " Koper" on 2006. In the film director Richard Oh that, Virnie role as Sri, the wife of businessman named Waluyo Enrico Soekarno that corruption. Sri has a personality that sucks. Besides annoying, Sri fond of showing off wealth in the middle of a simple condition of the surrounding community. A year later, Virnie also tried acting for a horror movie, Lantai 13.


Personal life Virnie ismail

Although mentioned several times close to some men, the youngest of two brothers is not yet showing signs of getting married. Virnie been rumored to establish in love with Surya Saputra, even Virnie once touted as the third person in the household Aldi Bragi - Ikke Nurjanah.

Virnie which often appear alone, finally in mid-2009 he began holding his partner. His association with Indra, his girlfriend will he bring to the altar. He hopes this year he was able to step into marriage.
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Aura Kasih

A young beautiful singer Sanny Aura Syahrani,she is also a sexy photo model Indonesia.aura Kasih was born in Bandung, on February 23, 1988. or better known as the Aura Kasih


Aura Kasih career started when the aura of a finalist in 2007 Miss Indonesia ago, representing the province of Lampung. Malaikat Penggoda is the debut album released Seducer in 2008 with the main song, which became andalanya entitled Mari Bercinta. This song is known for its singles dance-hall.

Aura now also try to explore the world of acting by playing in the movie Asmara Dua Diana. The film was released in December of 2008. In this film, in addition to clashing roles, Aura also sing the soundtrack to this movie. Movie soundtrack was launched in December 2008 with the headline Puncak Asmara.

Personal Life


In love life, Aura was reportedly close to vocalist Samsons, Bams Samsons. In fact he is considered as the cause of cracks from the group of households Pasha Ungu. Most recently, Aura had reportedly clashed with actress Luna Maya due to fight singer Ariel, Peterpan singer, but eventually the two artists are denied the existence of disputes between them
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Nikita Willy

Her real name is Nikita Purnama Willy, or better known by the name of Nikita Willy is a talented beautiful young actress of Indonesia, Nikita was born in Jakarta, on June 29, 1994. she is the first child of 2 brothers,her sister named is Winona. Nikita Willy's career in entertainment began in when nikita was 7 year old, through a soap opera Bulan Bintang.

Nikita Willy

Her Father is come from Minang , when the dime novel role in the soap opera with Evan Sanders. In addition, she also started to spread to the world's most favorite attraction sing ,traveling and shopping.
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Alyssa Soebandono - A talented young artist

Alyssa Soebandono a talented young artist who was born in Jakarta on December 25, 1991. Alyssa or commonly called by Icha was one of the beautiful young actress and soap opera star is also host of television programs.

icha career is quite good as it is proof by, Large number of soap operas,and some of them is : BINTANG, INIKAH RASANYA, BUNGA DI TEPI JALAN, MAHA KASIH, MAHA CINTA, BABY DOLL, ANAK CUCU ADAM dan PINTU HIDAYAH. and she also staring some movies like, JANUS, PRAJURIT TERAKHIR dan INIKAH RASANYA CINTA.

Alyssa Soebandono
Alyssa's full name (icha) is Anindya Alyssa Soebandono, icha have a hobby of singing and often obtain the offer to sing. In addition he also had a duet with Bams Samsons, lead singer of the band Samsons.

Alyssa Soebandono the soaring career did not make the artist who was widely rumored to establish a special relationship with Purple Pasha was then put aside their education. Even in 2009, she will continue her studies in Australia and leaving while his career in the entertainment world.

Alyssa Soebandono Gossip is to have a relationship with Pasha did not stop circulating. At the end of June 2009, a video emerged showing the intimacy of Alyssa with Pasha in a cafe. Pasha looked kissed Alyssa's lips. Alyssa himself denied if that is in the video itself. And he asserted that when the relationship between the Pasha was limited to merely co-workers.
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Syahrini, is a singer who comes from western Java, she was born in Bogor, West Java, on August 1, 1982. This beautiful singer who was a scholar, from Bogor Pakuan University Law School.

Some newspapers had mentioned the controversy associated with sexiness Syahrini. With the appearance Syahrini always sensual, not surprisingly, he often becomes an easy target media and gossip that often reaches it.

Not much news that blow about Syahrini closeness with men, except for his final attachment with Anang Hermansyah, singers, musicians, and famous music producer in Indonesia. Reportedly, Syahrini will soon become a new mother to children Anand who replaced Kris Kristofferson, former wife of Sam, who is one of the Indonesian diva.

On July 8, 2010, Syahrini get a title of nobility from the royal palace that is Kanjeng Surakarya Mas Ayu. Giving the title held in Ward Kansetanan led Kanjeng Gustavo Prince Haryo Puger.



Syahrini singer known as the newcomers. Album of the second of three brothers was released in 2008 with the headline MY LOVELY. Dara who was born in Bogor, August 1, 1982 relying on the song Liar from the album MY LOVELY.

Before releasing the album MY LOVELY, Rini, so call a law degree from the University Pakuan Bogor, has joined the compilation album CHOCOLATE STROBERI movie with the title song Love's gaze.

Successful debut album in May 2009 Syahrini will release his second album. But the singles champion, Dizziness Half Dead will be released first in May 2009. Different from the previous album, Dizzy is Half Dead Syahrini own creation.

Although the new count in the entertainment world, but Syahrini brave enough to try out other fields, in addition to pull votes so far they do. In 2009, he tested his acting skills through the film THE STORE KUBURANS.

Syahrini considered artists who dare to appear sensual every gig. Backed by a crisp and melodious voice, sang the song with a sigh Syahrini being spoiled. The style was always dressed sexy.

Name Syahrini increasingly skyrocketed in the music world when Anang Hermansyah invited to sing a duet latest Anand, Do not Choose Me. Rumors of closeness between the two broke out because of back Syahrini Anand kiss in one of their concerts. Together Anand, Syahrini also starred in several advertisements.

Career Syahrini also increasingly uphill after her duet with Anand that spawned several singles that had dominated the music charts Indonesia from the album Do not Choose Me. Their first video clip for the song Do not Select I also had a public discussion, because the anonymity of Syahrini in the early launch of the video clip.

Syahrini appearance that is supported with a beautiful face and sexy body in some shows they both become one of the strengths of this duet partner. Evidently, their appearance is considered as something of a hit when they both fill the Mega Concert April Thing RCTI on April 22, 2010. The concept worked with slick carrying a very beautiful appearance for both, with Syahrini who sits on the piano full sprinkling of white roses red.

In mid-April 2010, Syahrini with her duet partner Anand end of their second video production, Love At Last, which was held in Bali. Seminyak Beach area and water tourist area of Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Dua, Bali, a place chosen for the video clips are once again showing affection both.

Career Syahrini with Anand was starting to break out of its neighbors, with the launch of the album Do not Select I'm in Kuala Lumpur on Monday, May 24, 2010.

Welcoming Ramadan 2010, Syahrini re-launch the album religu who once again worked with Anand, the video clips will soon be made at the end of July 2010